We will go about understanding exactly how your business works day to day, then will put together a set of terms from there. Naturally, we will cover the usual legal and technical definitions to protect you should you ever be facing the pressure of a court of law. But the terms of contracts are as much about being clear what your business will be providing, for what cost, and when. And equally your customer or supplier. If both parties are clear, they can get on with making money together, no fuss.

In essence, by working on your contract terms you are getting in early with customers and suppliers, ironing out potential misunderstandings. These misunderstandings might lead to a hasty and ill considered email, that might in turn lead to solicitors regrettably being instructed and drawn out legal problems. The costs and stress in this case would be way out of proportion to the costs and effort of having agreed a set of small-print terms and having ensured everyone uses them.

We have also noticed, there is a lot of ‘borrowing’ by one business of generic terms and conditions which were created for another business. Often the terms have no real resemblance to the actual transactions and orders as they happen from day to day. This opens up a risk to your business and we have seen it lead to unnecessary customer and supplier problems.

Take the time to meet with us and let us help protect your most important asset – your customer and supplier relationships.

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