Our team of commercial litigators have many years of experience and will understand not only the long term interests of your business alongside the intricacies of litigation, including the risks and costs associated with it.

At ATC Solicitors we pride ourselves on being able to find pragmatic solutions to litigation cases to resolve disputes as early as possible wherever possible.

Where there is no resolution and the matter proceeds to trial we work with a number of tried and tested barristers, although we also have our own ‘audience rights’ in court if the situation warrants.

With a determination to win and a “never say die” attitude, we believe that our clients’ business and its legal affairs are in the best possible hands.

By mixing experience, talent, technology, commercial common-sense and effort we are able to provide our clients with an agile and cost-effective solution to their litigation needs.

Our litigation areas of focus include:

  • Commercial property disputes
  • Products liability
  • Contractual disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Corporate (director and shareholder) matters

For more information about any of these areas of law please contact us below.

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