Buying or Selling a Business

Making a business successful needs great drive and focus, and so delegating your expansion or exit plans to trusted advisers in the background is essential.

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Getting Together for Business

Often people come together to try a new business idea, or a different spin on something established. We will help you think through all the permutation of how such a joint venture might work, so everything is clear and documented.

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Customer Terms & Conditions

Nobody enjoys reading them but contractual terms and conditions of business form a key framework to support all your front office operations, and can advertise your professionalism through the back door!

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Commercial Litigation

Whenever a business finds itself in a situation where it needs to litigate or defend itself against litigation the need for experienced and talented solicitors is paramount.

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ATC are experienced in all aspects of the law relating to employing people, or being employed, in a business.

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