Defamation is an area of law that is becoming increasingly more relevant.

We live in a world where everything is at the touch of a button.

People are able to share views and opinions with the rest the world and the rest of the world is able to read those views and opinions.

Online forms, online newspapers, broadcast media on your phone, tablet, PC as well as all the traditional forms of media mean that the potential for people to say something that is incorrect and damaging is becoming increasingly problematic.

The balance between an individuals freedom of speech and an individuals right to reputation is complex.

At ATC solicitors we have a proven track record of representing clients successfully in defamation cases. We also provide legal advice in other similar areas such as online harassment and bullying and breaches of your personal and sensitive data.

We offer a high quality, cost efficient and solutions driven service aimed at managing and protecting your interests.

Whilst we are particularly strong In the online sphere we also have expertise in dealing with defamation cases arising from other areas Including print and broadcast media.

If you believe that you are such a reputation has been damaged by false or misleading comments Or you are a victim of online bullying or breaches of your personal and sensitive data then please get in contact below.

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