This is a very reasonable and normal way to think. In most cases that is exactly what will happen. However, given the nature of medical treatment, science and human fallibility, sometimes medical professionals will get it wrong.

Sometimes things will go wrong and there is nothing anybody could have done about that.
Whenever the mistake is one that could’ve been avoided it raises the question as to whether or not the mistake was caused by the negligence of the medical professional.

At ATC solicitors we are experienced and technically advanced in relation to clinical negligence claims.

We approach these cases with a degree of sympathy but also a degree of pragmatism. We make sure that we find out all the information about what happened before we start the claims process.

This is designed to manage the expectations of the individual who has suffered but also to make sure that we don’t bring cases against the medical profession which do not have any merit.

We try to make sure that we work with our clients as well as the defendant and the representatives to try to navigate resolution without acrimony or unnecessary aggression.

We offer our clients various means of funding their case including legal aid and legal expenses insurance options.

Over the years the team at ATC solicitors have recovered millions for their clients from successful clinical negligence cases.

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